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By purchasing, you are agreeing to the terms and requirements as stated for each item noted below that is available for sale on our website.  Please note that we can not guarantee the success of any type of advertising since there will be varying factors that effect each individual's level of success (such as the website, service, or product you are offering, your follow up with each prospect, etc.)  We do provide outstanding customer service and in some cases may be able to work with you to help increase your success (such as suggestions/help in writing a solo ad).  Please see the terms for each type of advertising for specific guarantees and details.

Featured Business Page Advertising for Your Website:  Your website will be featured on our website on the Featured Business Page for the amount of time you have purchased for (or longer).
We do not guarantee how many viewers will see your website or show interest in the website you are advertising.    We will work with you if for some reason your website is off line for a short period of time by providing extra days on your advertising.   Please note that all sales are final once your website is added to our Featured business page you will not be eligible for a refund for any reason.

Guaranteed Visitor Campaigns:  We provide a variety of guaranteed visitor campaigns to provide traffic to your website.  Please be certain that the type of campaign you are ordering is appropriate for your website.  For example: if your website has video or audio on it do not order a campaign that does not specifically state that sound, audio, flash or video are okay.  We provide each visitor campaign order with log in stats so that you may check your stats.  We do not support other forms of stat counters.  If your website is unavailable during your campaign you can contact us to pause the campaign and we will make every effort to pause the campaign until your website becomes available again.  In some cases we may allow you to change the url you are advertising, however we do not offer any refunds on visitor campaigns once your campaign has been set up and started.  All sales are final.

Leads:  We offer a replacement on any lead you purchase that are sold as fresh leads (under 4 days old) if you receive a non-deliverable email (due to type errors, or mailbox no longer available).   Phone numbers are guaranteed only when specified on the website, and  a replacement can be requested in the phone number is disconnected or no longer in service.  To receive a lead replacement you must notify us within 3 days of receiving the lead.  Please note that most lead orders are delivered to you with an overage in the case that you do receive a bad email address.  Replacements are sent only if you have more bad email addresses than you received in the overage.  We do not guarantee any person's success or number of leads that will choose to respond or take advantage of your offer.  Once your leads have been sent to you there will be no refunds for any reason, All sales are final.

Solo Ads, Email Blasts, Safelist Mailings:    We can offer help and suggestions with writing your solo/email ad, however we can not guarantee the success of any email service offered.  Results will vary according to each individuals ad, type of business, product or service.  Once your ad is scheduled and/or sent out no refunds will be available and all sales are final.

USA Guaranteed Signups (GSU):  Your website opportunity must have a free to join option, with no financial information or requirement required for joining free. It can offer an upgrade option for your Sign Ups.  We guarantee each of your signups to have a deliverable email address.  We do replace non deliverable emails when notified within 3 days of the date you receive it.  You will receive the amount of contactable sign-ups (pre-enrollees, tour takers) that you order.   (For example if we send you 25 signups and 2  are non deliverable emails  you will receive 2 more for a total of 27 to total 25 which are  deliverable).    Please note that you MUST provide us with the signups name and email address, and reason you are requesting a replacement (non deliverable email or disconnected phone number).  If a replacement is needed please notify us within 3 days of receiving the signup. We can not guarantee signups will initially or at anytime choose a paid upgrade option.  Many of our clients do receive paid upgrades.  If the program being promoted changes format or is unable to be accessed for an indefinite period of time, it may be cancelled by us without refund. We can not guarantee that signups will double opt-in via email or upgrade to any program.  You may not submit illegal, adult, hate, racist, or other morally questionable sites.  There are no refunds if you enter an incorrect URL (web address) and we send signups to this URL.  Be sure that your website opportunity requires the signup information you wish to acquire.  Such as: email, name, phone #, address, etc...  There will be no refunds issued if your system/website  fails to capture and retain the required information for the signups.  Each person who enters their information and hits submit will be counted as a signup.   For programs that require the signup/pre-enrollee to double opt in (confirm by email) we do not guarantee that pre-enrollees/signups will receive the emails sent or that they will confirm.  You are provided with log in information with each purchase that allows you to check your signups.   Once your website has been approved and your advertising campaign for signups has been set up there will be no refunds available for any reason, all sales are final.

We believe you will find our customer service at Team4Success to be outstanding and our guarantees better than most.  We make every effort to provide you, our customer, with the best service in our industry. 

Wishing you the very best of success.





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